Our Story

Gary Elden

Gary Elden

Diversity & Inclusion has been Gary’s life long passion. Former CEO of a FTSE listed recruitment company, Gary was awarded an OBE in 2016 for his astounding work within the field of Diversity & Inclusion.

Quite rightly Gary feels there should not even be a conversation about inclusion, it should be a given. Understanding both the internal and external challenges organisations face, Gary offers his insights to the Charter to best advise on what they can do differently.

Gemma Young

Gary Elden

Throughout her career, Gemma has always been an pro-active advocate of Diversity & Inclusion. Now CEO of DiversiTech Hub, she is determined to revolutionise the FinTech industry by echoing a variety of voices.

Whilst Gemma found lots of small groups doing fantastic things around Diversity & Inclusion, Gemma has made it her purpose to create a community where all can come to together.

Joanna Abeyie

Gary Elden

Awarded an MBE in 2019 for championing Diversity & Inclusion, Joanna is the founder of Blue Moon – a talent agency who help businesses create inclusive environments so they can thrive and drive business success.

Joanna has championed, supported and trained over 3000 people from diverse backgrounds. Individuals that would previously not have been selected by traditional recruitment methods or practices. Encouraging organisations to actively pledge what they will do differently, Joanna joins the Charter’s panel to offer more opportunities to the huge pool of candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Nicholas Clarkin

Gary Elden

Nicholas has over 20 years commercial experience and in every one of his businesses established models supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Nicholas is driven to contribute as much as he can to ensure his 2 sons and daughters grow up in a world of equal opportunity, full of diverse and inclusive workspaces.

Our Mission

We passionately believe that diversity, inclusion & equality need to be more than just words! Many organisations want to create working environments that are both diverse and inclusive. However, whilst making very positive statements about the environments they wish to create and the standards they wish to adopt, they could achieve so much more with just a little more action.

Our purpose is not to judge what individuals and companies do, or do not do, but moreover to simply encourage positive change via actions!

We embrace real-world action, whether substantial and large, or small and meaningful. We believe that even small changes can make the world of difference if enough parties are making them!

Together we can make the change that the workplace needs and deserves.